The Estate consists of 25 Freehold sites, ranging in size from 2000 to 4000m2, of which 22 have water frontage onto Satellite Dam. There are 17 non-skiing sites (otherwise referred to as birding sites) each of which is entitled to 1 canoe or boat limited to a 5hp motor.

The 8 water-ski sites are allowed powerboats and have access to the two slalom courses installed in the dam.

The housing area of the estate is electric fenced and access is controlled through a state of the art, user friendly entry gate system. A 24 hour response farm patrol reaction unit is available if required.

Part of the estate has been left as natural grassland which provides sanctuary and food for a variety of forest, grassland and wetland animals and birds. Below the dam wall, 600 indigenous trees have been planted as part of the rehabilitation of the area. Rules are in place to conserve this ecologically sensitive site.

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